Tailored tuition is offered to children:

  • who are hospitalised in one of Geneva’s private medical institutions
  • who receive outpatient treatment at Geneva University Hospitals (HUG)

Nowadays, patients tend to stay less time in hospital than in the past. They are discharged more quickly and continue their treatment as outpatients. However, very often, leaving hospital does not mean that young patients can immediately go back to school on a regular basis. While they wait to return to their everyday school routines, private and tailored tuition can be a real life-saver that allows them to keep up with their schooling and studies.


Tailored tuition is offered to teenagers or young adults:

  • from the age of 16 who are hospitalised at Geneva University Hospitals (HUG)
  • who are hospitalised in one of Geneva’s private medical institutions
  • who receive treatment on an outpatient basis

An illness can cause young patients to drop out of school or interrupt their schooling. The Centre d’Appui Scolaire helps them get back on track and rediscover the pleasure and habit of studying, with the ultimate aim to facilitate their reintegration in their regular school programme.


The Association also supports children whose parents suffer from illness.

The announcement of a severe health condition may come as a great shock to children. The repeated absence of a parent due to medical treatment can negatively affect the children’s school performance. At the request of the family and medical staff, these children can benefit from 2 hours of one-on-one tuition per week in order to continue the school year under the best possible circumstances.

« The mothers [treated at the Breast Care Service] are happy to delegate a duty that sometimes has become difficult for them because of their disease. »
Professor Monica Castiglione-Gertsch, Care Centre, Gynaecological Unit, HUG
« Thanks to the Centre d’Appui Scolaire, our daughter is able to keep up with her studies even if she cannot attend school. The tutors help her work on the subjects she would normally study in class. »
Family of C., 16 years old
«The private tuition offered by this association is a high-quality service: we have received feedback from parents saying that not only were their children able to regain their normal school performance levels, but even surpassed them, thus providing a certain amount of stability amidst the uncertainty they have to endure. Each child is regarded and dealt with in view of his/her uniqueness – and that is simply outstanding.»
Lucienne Bigler-Perrotin, Director at Ligue genevoise contre le cancer
« When I began my treatment, I was unable to help my son with his homework because I was tired all the time and not able to get out of bed. The Centre’s support was precious. »
Mother of J., 10 years old
« Many families affected by an illness only have small incomes and cannot afford private classes for their children. Therefore, the Centre d’Appui Scolaire meets the needs of many. »
Association Resiliam