Charity concert in favor of the association Centre d’Appui Scolaire: on 16 June 2023 at 8pm at Victoria Hall

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Founded in 2013, the Centre d’Appui Scolaire is a private-law, independent non-profit organisation active in the Canton of Geneva.

The Centre d’Appui Scolaire provides temporary private tuition to children and young adults who are unable to attend school for a protracted period of time due to illness. The Centre also provides its services to children whose parents suffer from a health condition.

The goal of the organisation is to prevent children from dropping out of school and allow them to successfully continue their schooling.

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Who can benefit from our tuition offer?

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The following subjects are offered to the students and are grouped into three large categories:

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Six steps to get our students back on track

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All teachers working at the Centre d’Appui Scolaire are qualified and have working experience in public and private schools and training institutes in and around Geneva.

Our teachers regularly attend training courses offered by specialised medical staff from the services with whom the Centre d’Appui Scolaire collaborates.

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Your support is greatly appreciated! Please help us ensure that children and young adults can keep up with their studies and build a future despite their illness.

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